Tricare Beneficiaries Targeted by Phone Fraudsters


The Defense Health Agency, Office of Program Integrity (DHA-PI) has received a significant number of concerns from Tricare beneficiaries regarding unsolicited attempts by “Call Centers” to encourage them to provide personal identifying information and health information so that they can allegedly provide prescribed medications to the Tricare customer. 

Tricare and its contractors never call and ask for personal identifying information or health information. Beneficiaries should be wary of unsolicited attempts by any entity asking them for personal or health information, either by phone or in person.

The “Call Center” will normally cold call and say, "I am a representative calling from XYZ, we are calling to tell you about a benefit Tricare will cover for you for a prescription pain cream you are eligible for.  Do you have any of the following medical issues (list of issues) or pain?  If so, Tricare wants to get you taken care of, all we need are your Doctor’s name and your Tricare information and we will contact your doctor and get these medications or supplies out to you immediately and submit a claim. " 

The Defense Health Agency and Tricare strongly advise you to give NO information to these types of unsolicited request for your personal health information and personal identifying information.  Often these “Call Centers” have identified what limited information they have through internet searches or through individuals who have approached you independently and obtained information directly from you. 

Should you receive a phone call for this information provide—NO information.  Also, please immediately submit a fraudline report to the Pharmacy Benefits contractor ESI. You can report the issue to Express Scripts Inc.

ESI can also flag your profile and reject attempts to bill for these medications. If you do receive unsolicited medication in the mail, you can refuse delivery.

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