What You Do After Military Service Will Define You

F45 Veterans Impact Program

Military service is going to end, no matter what. What you do after service, and how you apply your skill sets outside of the military, is what really is going to define you. But the question on every service member’s mind is, how do I take this first step? How do I turn the first page in this next chapter of my life? How do I apply the skill sets, work ethic and ethos developed while in the military? Will this opportunity provide enough money for me to support my family? What does my career progression roadmap look like? Where do I even start?

F45 Training, a global fitness company with 2,000+ studios in 60+ countries around the world, created a military division to help service members who are interested in a career in the fitness industry convert that experience into F45. Specifically, the F45 Military Division works with transitional readiness programs for all branches of service, providing opportunities through a Department of Defense-approved SkillBridge program.

For those who do not know, DoD created the SkillBridge program so that service members can gain valuable civilian work experience prior to being discharged from the military. Industry partners, like F45, provide service members with the education, training and mentorship needed to prepare them to be considered for employment in the civilian workforce, post-military service.  

F45 created two unique SkillBridge opportunities: a F45 SkillBridge Fitness Internship Training Program and a F45 General Management Training Program. The Fitness Internship Training Program is designed to help service members become F45 coaches, with the option also of becoming a master fitness trainer -- one of the highest fitness certificates in the industry. The General Management Training Program is designed for those who have an entrepreneurial spirit, and the program prepares them to become general managers and future F45 owners/operators.  

Additionally, F45 has created an Armed Forces to Entrepreneur (F45 AFTER) Program for service members who would like to be fast-tracked into ownership of a F45 studio. F45’s customized training academy prepares service members for in-market readiness and enhances their skill sets so they can operate an F45 studio. In essence, service members’ passion for fitness is coupled with F45’s business training regime.

Regardless of which program in which you are interested, F45 has put a structure in place designed to provide the education, on-the-job training, mentorship and support needed to ease the transition from military to civilian life.

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