'It's Always Sunny' is Coming Out With a Mobile Game and It's Weird

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Gang Goes Mobile

Every show nowadays needs to have a mobile video game. "The Simpsons" has had one for years. "Rick and Morty" adds new content to its mobile title with every episode. It was only a matter of time until "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" got one, too.

From the looks of it, "It's Always Sunny: The Gang Goes Mobile" is a business management simulation. I use those words loosely. The premise goes something like this: Danny DeVito's character, Frank Reynolds, comes across a boatload of dirty money, which he needs to hide from the Feds. In order to do that, he asks the gang -- Mac (Robert McElhenney), Charlie Kelly (Charlie Day), Dennis Reynolds (Glenn Howerton) and Dee Reynolds (Kaitlin Olson) -- to help him invest the money in absurd money-making schemes, which include get-rich-quick schemes such as Kitten Mittens and towels with appendages on them.

The content borrows a lot from the show's episodes as players try to make as much money as possible. In turn, that cash is used to unlock new characters and different versions of the gang, such as Codpiece Dennis, Man-Spider Frank and Wildcard Charlie. From the game's appearance, it resembles "Tiny Tower", a time-management game in which players build a skyscraper with themed floors.

Players can check out the free-to-play game as it launches on iOS and Android devices.

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