Video: How Military-Connected Students Can Find Flexible Education

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Military service members, veterans and spouses often find themselves up against roadblocks when it comes time to complete their degrees. With high-frequency moves, deployments, international moves and time constraints, they need a university that understands their lifestyle and is willing to help them reach their goal. Western Governors University, WGU, works with its students to provide flexible and affordable higher education.

In a Question-and-Answer video with’s Transition Master Coach Jacey Eckhart, the team at WGU talks about some obstacles military-connected students may face and how WGU can help.


    Jacey Eckhart --’s Transition Master Coach

    Hi, I'm Jacey Eckhart, a military sociologist and's transition master coach. I've coached more than 11,000 transitioning military, veterans and spouses on how to find their next high-impact job. And that's why I'm so glad to talk today with the team at Western Governors University; today we'll be talking to Jeff Harley. He is a rear admiral and director of military engagement. Theresa Patton is a senior manager of military and veteran benefits. And Melanie Myers is the Senior Manager of student success. Welcome to all of you. So what happens if your students really do have difficulty accessing the program while they're on deployment? How do you help with that?

    Teresa Patton -- Senior Manager of Military and Veterans Benefits

    At WGU, we make every effort to work with our students to access their program courses during deployment as well as international moves. WGU cannot guarantee access, so our records department will work candidly with the students on which countries are approved international locations where students will be able to access their courses. If deployed students will not be able to continue their education during deployment, we have a military mobilization policy to fully assist our military learners with readmission.

    Jacey Eckhart

    Which majors are the most popular with your military students?

    Jeff Harley -- Director of Military Engagement

    You know, really, all of our programs are popular with military students. Active duty personnel lean towards the technical degrees, like Information Technology, Data Analytics or Cyber Security and Information Assurance. Spouses tend to lean towards business degrees, like business management or marketing. Others can hear a calling into the health professions or teaching. And we offer degrees that are applicable in every state of our nation.

    Jacey Eckhart 

    How does it help your military career to get a four-year degree now if you plan to stay in the military for a while?

    Jeff Harley 

    Well, the degrees are invaluable and all of the military services value education, and many require continuous education for advancement. It's a huge differentiator that shows growth, capability and more importantly, capacity for future positions while in the military and beyond.

    Jacey Eckhart 

    Well, let's get to the most important question. What kind of jobs do your graduates get after graduation?

    Melanie Myers -- Senior Manager of Student Success

    Yeah, this is such a great question because our graduates have really awesome outcomes in the job market. There are literally thousands of companies that employ WGU graduates, including Apple, Amazon, Cleveland Clinic, Fidelity Investments, JP Morgan Chase and even the Department of Veteran Affairs.

    Jacey Eckhart

    Making the leap from the military into the civilian job market can be really tough. Do you help students at all with job placement?

    Melanie Myers 

    Absolutely. We have an entire department dedicated to career and professional development, which can help with everything from resumes to planning an entirely new career. Our students can also access our Career Coach tool, which enables them to match their strengths with compatible occupations and even our WGU programs. In addition, we have resources available that help translate military skills to work in the civilian world.

    Jacey Eckhart

    That is wonderful to hear. Thank you all for coming. When you're looking for the next step in your career, it's clear that completing your education is most important. With the essential services WGU provides, like the individual program mentors and the Career and Professional Development Center, this could be your next bright step into the future. If you're interested in Western Governors University, learn more at


    The team at WGU understands the dedication it takes to serve in the military and complete a college degree. From applying for jobs to taking a military leave of absence, they are ready to help. See how WGU works to provide military students with access to education at

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